Business Services

TRICOR’s Business Services Unit includes call centers, data entry and print services. These services are designed to meet customer needs through the diversity of the services available while offering relevant skills training and job opportunities for the Offender workforce.



TRICOR has access to a large agent workforce base utilizing our call center location at the Tennessee Prison for Women in Nashville, TN. Specifically, we do this through the context of work, employing Tennessee civilians and placing Offenders in what we call a “blended workforce”. 


TRICOR does not stand alone when it comes to call centers in correctional industries. There are currently at least 8 states and the Federal government that successfully operate call centers in correctional institutions. Many of these programs have been in place for over 20 years. 


TRICOR Call Center Benefits:call-center-img1.png

  • 100 Seat Call Center
  • Flexible and Reliable Agent Workforce
  • High Information Security and Compliance
  • Multiple Call Center Software Platform Options
  • Cisco Infrastructure
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Extensive and Customized Reporting Capabilities
  • Inbound and Outbound blended Call Center
  • Competitive Labor Rates
  • Call Recording (end to end) Full Time
  • Interactive Voice Response Unit (IVR) Customized per application
  • Capable of Integrating with Most Customized Databases
  • Outbound Campaign Calling (Telemarketing)
  • Over Flow Option for Existing Call Center Operations
  • Experienced Call Center Management
  • Native English Language Skills


DATA Entry services are available in multiple formats and applications


TRICOR offers competitive pricing for quality printing services.  Our 20” x 28” four color press offers the capacity for large volume runs.


Printing Services:printing-img1.png

  • Brochures
  • Booklets & Manuals
  • Posters & Flyers
  • Customized Envelopes
  • Multi-Part NCR Forms
  • Basic Law Enforcement Reports (BLER)
    • Skilled Civilian Managers & Supervisors
    • Duplicator Presses
    • Long and short runs, multi-color work and a variety of bindery options

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