TRICOR operates in three spheres of influence which include business, societal, and government. We continually evaluate our performance in these sectors to assure the organization maintains its focus and balance. This will ensure our double bottom line − working together to operate a financially sound business that funds the social mission of providing opportunities for people to make significant life changes − is met. 


TRICOR is financially self‑supporting, generating its revenue through the sale of quality products and services. Our operations, in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC), are located in TDOC facilities throughout the state.


  • TRICOR saved taxpayers $7,539,028 in supervision and programming costs in Fiscal Year 2016.
  • TRICOR provided a $475,000 cost avoidance to the State of Tennessee through a reduction in recidivism in Fiscal Year 2016.
  • TRICOR operates at no cost to the State of Tennessee or taxpayers.
  • TRICOR provides an assortment of quality goods and services at competitive prices, retaining jobs and revenue in Tennessee.


  • TRICOR helps Offenders re-integrate effectively into today’s society, reducing the potential for repeat crime.
  • TRICOR’s Offender workforce has cumulatively transferred $293,153 into the Tennessee Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund for Victim’s Compensation in Fiscal Year 2015.
  • TRICOR Offenders learn valuable job skills that enable them to find work upon release so they become contributing members of society.
  • TRICOR employs Field Service Coordinators that assist Offenders in finding jobs and services after they are released.


  • TRICOR provides Tennessee businesses with a trained workforce.
  • TRICOR offers Tennessee tax-supported institutions and government divisions quality goods and services at competitive pricing.
  • TRICOR partners with private-businesses needing viable alternatives to solve specific business problems, in specific instances keeping jobs and revenue in the Tennessee private sector rather than offshore.