TRICOR Programs



Each year thousands of Offenders are released from the Tennessee prison system and a considerable number of them will find themselves back in the prison system within three years. TRICOR supports reducing the rate of recidivism exponentially by providing incarcerated Offenders personal and professional development opportunities.



TRICOR works with 1,724 Offenders annually who are learning relevant, valuable job skills during their incarceration that will help them gain employment upon their release. Our operations include various business services, manufacturing operations, consumable products and more. TRICOR provides more than 1,414,089 hours of Offender training each year within these operations.



Recognizing that job skills alone are not enough to achieve an Offender’s successful re-integration into the community, TRICOR offers programs focused on living in today’s society. Among other skills, Offenders learn how to cope with stress, deal with common barriers of re-integration, function in relationships, and manage their finances. They learn about current societal norms and socially acceptable behavior, as well as new technology and other advances since their incarceration.



TRICOR offers Offenders Life Skills and Transitional Readiness classes that teach about the basics of self-sufficiency. TRICOR employs Field Service Coordinators that assist Offenders in finding jobs and social services after they are released. TRICOR is a unique organization that provides programming for the successful re-entry of Offenders both while incarcerated and during post-release, all of which is at no cost to the taxpayers.